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Ellipsis Youth Coaching Grant Series – Tom Tulett (AC, U22 Men)

Tom Tulett knows no geographic bounds as he makes his mark on the Victorian ultimate scene. Tulett, a former Sydney-side resident, joined Ellipsis Ultimate as co-captain of the inaugural mens team during the 2019 Australian Ultimate Championships season and was drafted to play with the Melbourne Flames for the 2019 Australian Ultimate League however was forced to pull out due to injury.

Tulett is no stranger to elite international ultimate and is a decorated athlete having represented Australia on numerous occasions including most recently at the Asia-Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Championships in Shanghai, China in July this year as part of the Australian Dingoes (mens). Tulett also competed with Ellipsis Ultimate at the US Open in August this year.

He hopes to bring his work ethic and passion for ultimate to the next generation of players in his role as assistant coach of the Leadbeater Possums. Tulett is super excited to share his knowledge and experience with such a talented group of young players. “We have been pushing the boundaries, learning how to use space more efficiently and focussing on fundamental skills to create the strongest team possible.”

The Australian U22 Ultimate Championships will take place in Canberra from Friday 30 November 2019 to Sunday 2 December 2019.

Ellipsis Youth Coaching Grant Series – Simar Dhaliwal (AC, U22 Women)

It has been a full and wholesome year for Simar Dhaliwal, who has made waves on the playing field with her stellar player resume over the last few years.

Dhaliwal joined Ellipsis in 2019 and not only played in the Nationals-winning womens team but was also selected to compete with Ellipsis at the US Open in August this year. Couple this with her selection as one of twelve players for the Melbourne Flames (where she recently featured in an article ( for the Australian Ultimate League) [Can you please hyperlink] and her selection on the Bluebottles (mixed) to compete for Australia for the U24 World Ultimate Championships), you wonder how she has had time to add coaching to her arsenal.

Coaching is the next challenge for Dhaliwal. “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing players that you coach over a season or campaign develop to become better players and people. It brings me so much intrinsic value.”

For Dhaliwal, the inspiration to become part of the Weedy Seadragons this year comes from her involvement as a player for the previous two campaigns. “I want to help coach the next generation of ultimate. This campaign is a great step in paving a pathway towards elite ultimate and the U24 Australian representative teams and I would love to be a part of that for young women just as my coaches were for me.”

The Weedy Seadragons boast a dynamic roster of players and Dhaliwal is excited to see the commitment and energy of the team. “The culture in the team is amazing and everyone is just getting around each other! I am excited to help the players realise their potential with their abilities. I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be the best Weedies campaign yet!”

The Australian U22 Ultimate Championships will take place in Canberra from Friday 30 November 2019 to Sunday 2 December 2019.

Ellipsis Youth Coaching Grant Series – Steph Chong (AC, U22 Mixed)

The first Victorian U22 team coach we are featuring is Steph Chong who is making her debut as assistant coach with the Blue Devils.

Chong joined Ellipsis Ultimate in 2019 and is one of three sisters who have become heavily involved with Ultimate over the past few years. Chong most recently competed at the U24 World Ultimate Championships 2019 with the Stingrays (womens) in Germany and currently plays with Deakin University Ultimate.

Her involvement with the Blue Devils began in 2017 as a player along with fellow Blue Devil’s assistant coach Charlie Medic. “We had such an awesome time playing that we thought there was no better way to stay involved and give back to the U22 program than to become coaches.”

This year Chong has learned more than she had in the years prior which she puts down to her experiences with Ellipsis Ultimate during the 2019 Australian Ultimate Championships and the Stingrays. “This year Ellipsis taught me what it is like to play at a high level, what it takes to be the best and what drive people to want to continue getting better.” Chong also noted that despite a disappointing finish with the Stingrays, it taught her resilience and ignited a desire to improve not only her game but the game of others around her.

Chong wants to make her coaching debut count because of her past experience with great coaches at the youth level. “If it wasn’t for the experiences I had playing U22s, I don’t think I would have taken that next step and played for Ellipsis or represented Australia. I recognise how much of an impact the under 22s program can have on someone’s path through ultimate and I would like to assist and inspire the next generation of Blue Devils in deciding the path they wish to take and help lead them along the path they choose.”

The 2019 Blue Devils promise to be an exciting outfit, according to Chong. “We have had one training session so far and it was super exciting to get our campaign underway. Coaching and the responsibilities that come with it is not something I have much experience in, but I am looking forward to the challenge and what we can achieve.”

The Australian U22 Ultimate Championships will take place in Canberra from Friday 30 November 2019 to Sunday 2 December 2019.