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2021 Ellipsis Men - Head Coach PD and EOI - Ellipsis Ultimate Inc

2021 Ellipsis Men – Head Coach PD and EOI

Ellipsis Ultimate is seeking an individual to fill the role of Head Coach for the 2021 men’s team. These coaches will be responsible for providing the team with an elite season training and management program as required, building on previous the season’s development and in line with the club’s goals. 

The primary responsibility of the role is to develop leadership skills within the player group and establish a sustainable and inclusive team culture. Applicants should note that it is not an absolute requirement to have experience with the sport of Ultimate.

Secondarily, the Head Coach may also: assist in player selection decisions, plan and run training sessions, mentor players to develop key physical and mental skills, and/or provide game-day coaching on strategy and player management. 

The Head Coach will be required to be practiced in the follow skills:

Vision: establishing a clear direction for the team acknowledging context and providing follow-through to achieve this. 

Communication: effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner, provide information to players and the Ellipsis Board as required or requested.

Planning: on the horizons of individual sessions, training blocks and a single season, formulate and prepare for professional-level execution.

Player and culture development: pursuing the team’s brand and goals, within individual and team contexts.

The head coaches will be supported by the Ellipsis Board, team captains and senior players in the conduct of their responsibilities including financial support and remuneration subject to scope.
Those wanting to be considered for a Head Coach role should submit an application to the Ellipsis Board by email at contact@ellipsisultimate.com by Friday 11th September, 9 PM. The application must address the key skills above and any other material information related to the appointment. The application may also include suggestions for a Head Coach group/team.